Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Well. I've been pretty terrible about blogging. I'm not going to lie.

Recently, I have been thinking about gratitude. I have tried to be more thankful than needy and I am a lot happier. On Sunday, someone asked how I was transitioning to being home and not a full time missionary anymore. I said "I miss it sometimes but I feel like I'm filling my life with good things. And as I do that, I know God is happy with me."

One of my companions sent me this picture yesterday.

I think one of the best things about being a missionary, is that NOTHING is about you. You sleep, eat, shower, bike, and talk all for the well-being of others. But I have found that seemingly "selfish" activities of civilian life can also be for a higher purpose and that the time we take to just be with others is so important. 

Our relationships and just simply being with others priceless.

So I'm glad I am a human being, just being, while being with others. 

It's a good life.