Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Latest Dilema.

Because I teach swimming lessons during the summer my hair is exposed to sun and chlorine daily and it's pretty beaten up by the end of the summer. So this week I need to either trim and reshape (keep the long hair) or chop it (something new and sassy). The problem is I have no idea what I want to do! My hair has been through A LOT of different cuts and styles because it grows so fast... My hair story goes a little like this.

I had long terribly unkept hair and I hated getting it even trimmed.

Luckily I figured out I actually had to trim and style it. 

Then I got the guts to cut it and ever since then I've been all over the place with hairstyles. 

The bang stage.

The A-Line. I LOVED this cut. Still one of my absolute favorites. 

Short and Sassy. 


Back to brunette. 

And now I'm semi blonde and shapeless. Soooooo what should I do next? Opinions are welcome!

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