Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rain, rain....

Last night a big storm started rolling through. Like the kind of storm that wakes you up because your room is shaking from thunder. Most of the day has been rainy and a little cold. It's been a nice break since the dress code is long pants and it's been pretty warm for walking. Anyway, here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

Sometimes I pack lunch and just hang out between classes. This is proof for my mother that I am eating VERY well. Probably healthier than ever before! (excluding that hot pocket I downed in like two minutes before running to class.) 

We started this cool thing in our apartment where we put devos on the fridge every morning of the week. I love it. It's easy for everyone to just check before you leave for the day.

Chore chart fun.

Mandatory, nerdy, cliche, first day of class picture.

And the studying begins. I have to work SO much harder here. But I love it. I waste way less time. Those notes are for my Book of Mormon class. It's super interesting to study as a subject rather than just personally. I'm learning a lot more just by taking notes while I read!

Hope your week is as busy and good as mine has been! 

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