Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why I love indexing

Okay guys, I'm about to get on a little soapbox. I used to hate family history and I wouldn't even consider the idea of indexing. But last semester a really good friend of mine just sat me down and told me how to do it. I still wasn't in love with the idea but I was willing to try.... THEN this semester a different friend got asked to lead the service activities for family history and he knew nothing. So I sat him down and showed him indexing. He then invited me to come to the family history service night every Wednesday. And then I became hooked. I began to learn more and teach others. As I did so I felt the people whose names I was working on. I was able to stretch and read documents I NEVER thought I would be able to. It doesn't feel like a burden anymore. I look forward to it.

It's a party! Just try it!

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