Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A little update...

Here's a little update on my life via poor quality webcam photos. Ready, set, GO!

I've been working on paperwork to be able to be a missionary for our church! Part of that means that I have to go to a doctor to make sure I'm in good shape. Due to immunizations, I will have to wait until at least March to put in my papers. 

But I'm feeling VERY peaceful and excited about the timing of things in my life. 

I was definitely not excited about coming back to school, but since I've been here I've caught the vision again and remembered how much I love learning. My classes are great. My roommates are wonderful. I feel very blessed and like there have been so many tender mercies in my life recently. 

This quote has meant a lot to me recently. It is true! Hang in there! 

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