Sunday, July 13, 2014

O Canada.

So I went to Canada this week. British Columbia is beautiful and VERY different. Here are some pictures to explain what we did.

highlight: The Vancouver Temple with my madre and padre. If you want to know more about temples, click here.

Our hotel room had a stellar view. Carrie took this picture of me looking out of the window.

Susie loves: Mango
Carrie loves: Peruvian Lime
Mom loves: Belgium Brownie
Dad loves: Texas Pecan

We went on a walk around the island.

Boat houses are the cutest.

Dad and Carrie are just dreaming of living on a boat.

Care bear reading to us. 

No no no no more walking.

Taking in the beauty.

We went to Granville island and had a little make-shift lunch. So yummy.

Um this place deserves a prize. Scones, cookies and bread. #delishdish

Thanks for the good time British Columbia! 

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