Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Plan de Salvacion en el bano

Dear Family and Friends,
The Lord loves us. And because of that, He places people in our paths everyday that we can bless. When we came to email today, I had to go to the bathroom, really bad. So we went in and heard someone sobbing. We overheard her conversation. She had just lost a good friend, and she was feeling very alone. It was then that I realized, actually, I didn't really need to go to the bathroom all that bad. I needed to help this woman. We were able to talk to her and testify that there is life after death. Her friend is not far. And God loves her. So much.
I know that sounds weird, and maybe it was. Usually we don't meet people in bathrooms. But it doesn't really matter what the circumstances are. God has a plan. I, like Nephi, "was lead by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand, the things which I should do." Have faith that God will place people in your path to bless you or you to bless them.
This week was good. My companion is one of the Senior Sister Training Leaders (aka the boss) so we go on exchanges a lot (usually two a week.) That means that I have to take over the area. It has been a challenge and a blessing. But my Spanish has been improving, as well as my biking skills.
We are teaching so many amazing people right now. But two of the families in specific are really progressing. They have come to church 2 weeks in a row now, and because of that, their faith in Christ is increasing.
I have pictures of one of the families, but I forgot the cord to attach it to the computer:( But it is a really great picture. We stopped by one night and the husband was making a whip! He does it for fun. So I took pictures of him making it. And then their cute daughter  took my camera and took some pictures as well. So you can look forward to that next week!
Also if you have time this week you should all read "What is the Blueprint of Christ's Church?" by Tad R Callister.   It is one of the best talks I've read! I know that Joseph Smith saw God and His son Jesus Christ, and that this is His restored church. Heavenly Father loves us. And He is ready to listen to our every concern.
con amor,
-Hermana Ries

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