Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Every Year Gets Better.

I love today. New years Eve is all about celebrating what was for a night, then moving forward. I loved this year. I can only imagine what crazy things are in store for this year. Here are this years' highlights! 

The puppy. 

Legally Blonde.

My final play. 


Having this girl move in and become one of my best friends.

Becoming an adult (legally of course, I'm never actually growing up.)

My FIRST live concert.

Becoming an aunt two times overs.

Baby showers. Even though it's pretty much the same thing every time, you still love them.

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. 

College visits... which lead to me my eventual choice!

Starting college.

Having these people as my roommates.

Summer adventures with three of my favorite people. All we did for two weeks was have fun.

Sweden. Which changed my life.

This was new years eve last year.

This was my new years kiss haha.

Welcome 2014. You've got some big shoes to fill. 

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