Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Graduation part 2

Some more pictures and thank-yous are in order!

Some of my favorite up and coming seniors!!!

We had so much fun in seminary this year. I'm going to miss you Kelsey!!!

Just my Best Freckled Friend (I think between both our families there are at least 20 photos of the two of us haha)

 These kids are all super cool and I feel quite lucky to call them my friends.

My parents are the best. They are always there for me. I know I was meant to come to their family. And I'm so grateful that I was raised by such wonderful people. 

 These are my sisters. Or at least the ones who are still home. And boy do I love them. They both drive me crazy some days but I'm going to miss them both so much. I'm so excited to go see Lisa's home in Sweden in just a couple weeks.

Basically my family is the best. They're weird and often disfunctional but I love them and us all together regardless.


  1. It might be more than 20 pictures of us haha

  2. I love you Susie!! Ima miss you next year!!