Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Graduation part 3

For my few readers... I'm sorry. I'm sure you're getting sick of graduation pictures, but I've got to clear it from my system. Luckily I'll be leaving for Sweden in exactly TWO WEEKS!!! Then you will see pictures of  another country instead of maroon and silver everywhere:)

I'm a huge fan of this picture. I think it's easy to see why. As well as the following picture.


This cute girl loves Legally Blonde. When I played Elle she came and watched me. When I saw her a month or so later she pointed and whispered to her parents "that's Elle." She wants to get into acting next year and I wish her the best of luck! I'm so grateful I had a fan because she made me want to keep acting my little heart out!

Fist bump! I did it!! 

 All of these people have been such great friends when I needed them. I think that sums up graduation! 

Oh and then there was the after party and despite the face I am making it was a lot of fun. It did however go until 5 a.m. and I had to sing in church at 9 a.m. and work in the Nursery the next morning. Needless to say Sunday was prime recovery time. Truly a day of rest. 


  1. Awww Susie!! I love you!! I'm gonna miss you so much!! And look! My sister and I are both on here! Haha

    1. You and your sister are so sweet! I had to have pictures of both of you:)