Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Brännö Adventures

We visited the Archipelago outside of Gothenburg today and spent our time on an island called Brännö. I really enjoyed our time there even if we froze. The only way to get to these islands is by taking a boat... so that's just what we did.

When we made it there we tried to find a spot for swimming (we're crazy.)

Pretty much everyone who lives on this island owns one of these suckers. They're like motorcycle trucks and people drive kids, groceries or whatever else they want in it. I think there are probably 3 cars total on the island.

Where we swam... it was probably 55 degrees at most. And the water was maybe 60 degrees.


Funny story: We told Lisa's mom to take pictures of us jumping in (as evidence). As we climbed out we laughed and joked that she probably didn't take pictures and would make us do it again... yeah it wasn't funny when that was actually the case. She didn't know the camera was off so she made us do it again! 

"Why are we doing this again?"

Freezing and hideous. And of course as soon as we got out the sun came out. Really? Seriously? But it's okay because it helped us dry faster.

The dock in the distance is where we got in. We decided to take a hike after that. Oh and you totally have my permission to gasp when you see how beautiful it was. That seems like a common theme to my blogging.

I <3 informational packets in English.



10 points for Gryffindor!!! 




Lisa: Why are there so many ants?...... oh gross. Those are ALL ants. 

"I'm on top of the WORLD!"

 I envy the people that live in those houses.

Taking it all in.... and then we had a photo-shoot.

We came back and found Lisa's mom like that^^^^^^^

Found this on a cute little playhouse. No matter where you live, if you are a child, you have probably made a similar sign for your fort.

I'm still recovering from the cold. But I think Boise's 108 degree weather should warm me right back up in a couple days.