Monday, July 1, 2013

The Luckiest Little Duck Who Ever Lived

Today I feel really lucky. I do most days but today I feel especially lucky. Here are a few reasons why...

I LOVE FOOD! This was my mid-morning snack. 

I love cats. Lisa has two of them. They are adorable.

I love it when they play together.

I've really come to love this home. It's hard to imagine being back in the U.S. so soon. 

Lisa found a faster way down the stairs.

"I'm stuck!" :(

"Lisa! Seriously I'm stuck on the bushes!"

"Okay, I got this!" 

Lisa and I had to make dinner tonight. We were pretty nervous about it. Her parents are fabulous cooks and we didn't want to make something they didn't like and felt like they had to eat. So we found a stellar recipe and went shopping.

....and I found this. Really? Fry-sauce? That is disgusting.

The groceries.

The freezer stopped working:( BUT we had to eat ice cream because of it and I can't complain about getting to eat ice cream. Hopefully the freezer is back on its feet soon.

We made American no-bakes for desert since we'd had the Swedish version last week. 

I wasn't sure if they would like it since peanut butter is not very popular here. We had to buy this and peanut butter is pretty pricey over here. 


I was scared to be in charge of grilling the chicken. But I really enjoy cooking so I just hoped it turned out well and I got lucky:) They loved it! I was so happy. I was so pleased with Lisa and I's work. I mean look at how delicious it looks! 

I also feel a little sad sometimes though. Moments today made me realize how easy it'll be to forget. There are so many wonderful things here I can't capture on camera. Actually all of the best things I can't seem to get in a picture... Like my love for the blue stairs in the basement or spiral staircases or yellow brick. And how much I laugh when I'm with Lisa and her family. Or how incredibly hilarious and fun Lisa's mom is. Or mine and Barbro's long conversations after dinner. Or how Lisa and I annoy, laugh at/with and love each other like sisters. But I guess I feel a little lucky too because none of those images will belong to anyone else except me. Someday when I'm old and recounting my best memories I will feel like the luckiest duck for getting to come here and make the memories I have and learned the things I've learned. 

I really am a Lucky Duck.

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