Friday, January 2, 2015

"I just spoke Spanish and bought corn out of the back of someone's car."‏ Oct. 20, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,
It's been less than a week so I kind of feel like I don't have much to say. The subject of this email was a quote said by me on the way home one night, just in awe of what is happening in my life. Below is a picture of Hna Savage y yo eating the corn we bought. It was so good. They put mayonnaise, cheese and chili powder on the outside. We were very excited about it:)

As I said before, we've been visiting a lot of less actives recently. This is at one of their houses. I spy... 2 puppies, one dog and two cats. What you can't see in this photo is the chicks, chickens, kittens, other dogs and birds. You could say I was pretty happy.
Here is a little Q&A thanks to mi madre.
1.  How is fall in Houston?
It is cooling off! When it's in the 70's I am cold haha. I have definitely adjusted.
2.  What is your mission president like?  Have you had any special training with general authorities since entering the mission field?
 My mission President is very young. His oldest is like 16. He has been here for awhile so my President will change about half way through my mission.
3.  How is this trio of sisters working?  Do you and the new sister go out without Sis. Christensen when she has AP type duties?
Trios are interesting. There is a lot of potential for problems. I'm sure you know groups of 3 rarely work. But I LOVE my companions. Hna Christensen is so wise and has an incredible testimony. Hna Savage has so much enthusiasm for the work. And her Spanish is so good!
4.  Info on new sister   Where is she from?  What is her family like?
Hermana Savage is from Delaware. She is the 6 of 10 children. She is very smart. She graduated early and studied at BYU for 2 years before her mission. She has a very sweet heart and is a great missionary.
5.  In your first 3 months as a missionary what do you think has been the most significant change in you?
Whoa. Has it already been 3 months? That makes me so sad! The time is flying! I would say the biggest change is a really sure knowledge that God loves me. I always know He loved others. And I thought He would love me. That is logical. But I've really come to know that He loves and wants the best for me. He is quick to forgive and He is so happy with every good choice we make.
This picture is on exchanges so we have Hna Armstrong and Savage in this picture. The skies here are amazing!
This week I want to share a quote from Elder Utchdorf. It is in Spanish so you might have you use google translate, or just read the talk. It's called "Are you Sleeping through the Restoration?"
"Ser discipulo de Jesucristo no es una labor de una vez a la semana o una vez al dia. Es una labor constant y permanente."
I know that really being happy, comes with living the way Christ did. It doesn't come through big or grand acts. It's not a one time event. It is the way you live. I know Jesus Christ lives and loves us. And He provided the example of Happiness.
-Hermana Ries

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