Friday, January 2, 2015

Merry Almost Christmas Dec. 15, 2014

Dear Family and friends,

Another crazy week in the mission! This week a bird pooped on me at the ferry. I'm not going to include pictures in the group email for those of you with a weak stomach haha. But here is my companion and I before the whole incident. 

This week we were able to extend a baptismal date to one of the people we have been teaching. He is so awesome! We talked about how baptism is the gate and we continue to learn and grow, and we asked if he would prepare for the 10th of January. He then replied "okay. voy a tratar..... i try" and then he began to laugh. He loves trying to speak English and we couldn't help but just crack up too. 

Basically it's pretty weird living on a tropical island during Christmas. This last week the most clothing I've had to wear is a cardigan and scarf at night. If I wear more than that during the day I get sweaty. Weird. Really weird. I hope you all aren't freezing up north! The Gulf of Mexico is super nice! This is my warmer outfit below.

As we get close to Christmas I hope all of us can remember the true meaning of Christmas. I know He lives and loves us. I invite all of you to think about what you can give to the Savior this Christmas. I know that the small things matter most. Maybe just committing to really pray to our Heavenly Father can be your gift to our Savior. Whatever it is, I know He will be so happy with us! He appreciates even the smallest efforts. 

I hope you all have a restful week before Christmas. 

-Hermana Ries

ps my companion snapped this picture from behind. Biking all day every day:) 

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