Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Little Courage Goes a Long Way

Today I did something kind of scary. Actually I did a couple hard things. Lisa suggested that we bike to Lejonet & Björnen which means "The Lion and Bear." It is a really good ice cream shop. It is about an hour and 8 miles round trip. And as I've said before, Sweden has a ton of hills. I was nervous about it because I hardly bike but I decided to do it anyway. Lisa showed me how to shift gears on the bike but I messed up and for some reason thought a higher gear would be better uphill. I was exhausted when we arrived. I have so much respect for people who bike as a hobby. Shout out to my friend Micayla who is not only hilarious and beautiful but can also bicycle like no ones business and I don't even think she's been doing it a really long time!

So hard but so worth it. I think I burned every calorie I ate haha.

Then I did ANOTHER scary thing. I decided to order in Swedish. And it wasn't great, but I was understandable. And I'm really happy I tried.

I can now begin my career as an ice cream sculptor. 

I've learned a lot of things on this trip but one of the biggest things I've learned is that I am capable. It doesn't mean I won't make mistakes or feel like I'm barely able to keep up, but I can do it. I know a lot of people my age are terrified for life after high school. Barbro and I were talking after dinner one night about the value of young people going out on their own though. And this trip has given me a real sense of independence. Sometimes I'm still scared, and sometimes I whine about it, but I know I can handle whatever "it" may be. Thank you Sweden for helping me be a little more courageous. 


  1. ummm what the? you are adorable!

    1. haha thanks Sarah:) You are the cutest! I love your new pink hair!