Thursday, June 20, 2013

My life in prison

I'm not being rude or anything, I just literally lived in a prison for a couple days while we were in Stockholm hahah. But let me rewind a little. We woke up early Monday morning and went to Central Station to catch a train to Stockholm.

Trains are pretty common here and it was interesting since I've never been on one before haha. Once we got to Stockholm Lisa and I walked around the streets of Gamla Stan (the old city). 

Gamla stan

I found an English bookshop!

All the streets are pretty narrow and Lisa and I tried to find the narrowest and the smallest doors. This wasn't the narrowest but I was too lazy to pull out my camera later on.

I'm sorry to those of you who aren't cool with naked statues. But newsflash, they're everywhere in Europe. And this little courtyard we found was completely empty unlike the crowds in the rest of the city.

While being kind of lost we stumbled upon Sweden's Medieval's Museum but we didn't have time to go into it. But I have to say the outside was pretty impressive. A nice garden and another naked statue.

We also found the German church. It was incredibly beautiful. Later we visited Sweden's church where all the Kings and Queens have been married but I couldn't take pictures there. It was also breathtaking.

Later we had lunch here. It translates to "The Chocolate Cup." It was AMAZING. I love all the food here.

We visited the castle (which was super cool) but didn't have the energy to look at all of it.

This place is called LĂ„ngholmen. It is a renovated prison that we stayed in and it was actually really fun! You have shower rooms and bathrooms you share with the people in your hall and you bring your own sheets. It's very different than anything I've done before.

Anyone recognize them? They're Swedish and one of their songs is really popular in the US right now!! Props to anyone who knows.

ABBA the museum. We had wayyyy too much fun there. It's an interactive museum so we sang karaoke, danced and went pretty crazy. Also I love ABBA music so it was basically the best!

We visited Skansen which shows houses and tells the history of Swedish life. They had people dressed up inside the houses to tell you about it and most of them spoke English so I learned A TON. This is an old telephone booth Lisa and I had fun taking pictures with haha

Yes I know I'm wearing a dress and tennis shoes but when you're walking 8 km a day then you NEED comfortable shoes. So I had to sacrifice looks for functionality. 

Stockholm is beautiful!

They had farm animals on the old farms in Skansen and this cute little lamb said hello to Lisa and I. We loved it. 

Having too much fun just hanging out in the prison.

One thing that I don't like about Sweden: You have to pay to use public restrooms sometimes!!! Lisa and I both hate it when you really have to go and you look all over, finally find a bathroom and realize you can't use it because you don't have cash.

I love the US and the Swedish flag is actually to the left. I thought it would make a cool picture but winds didn't want to cooperate.

Our train home was delayed an hour which made us frustrated and tired. But we made it back eventually.

Sorry for the long post:)


  1. Reminds me of Paris! Keep em coming:-)

    1. What part reminds you of Paris? We'll have to talk when I get back! I feel like there's so much that you'd understand because of your travelling:)

  2. I loved all 3 if your posts. They are so YOU and the pictures are beautiful. ...... and funny :) What an awesome adventure. Live it up! Tell Lisa hi!!!!!

    1. Lisa says hi back!!!! Yes I figured there is no point in trying to take perfect pictures, so I just have fun with it haha