Friday, June 21, 2013

Midsummer Eve

GLAD MIDSOMMER!!! (that's sort of like Merry Christmas in the US) This holiday is soooo fun. We danced with total strangers, dressed up and soon we'll have a feast! I'm in heaven. Lisa and I picked wildflowers yesterday to make our midsummer crowns. And the young girls all wear white dresses or at least that's the tradition. A lot of tourist come visit for midsummer because it's so fun and a young man came up to Lisa and I and told us he was from Germany. He wanted to take a picture of us because we were "so beautiful in our flowers." And another tourist asked to borrow my crown to take a picture. It cracks me up when they timidly speak English to me because they think I'm Swedish....If only they knew that I spoke English MUCH better than Swedish hahah.

Anyway today started with the Annual Midsommar Games. Spit the bear was first. Also known as spotta bj√∂rn. We all got three chances to see who could send theirs flying the farthest.

Next was spara pengar (save money). It was the new addition this year. You have to keep a coin in your butt, run to your bucket and drop it in hahaha. If you drop it you have to start over. Really it's harder than it sounds haha

You have to walk pretty funny to keep it from dropping.

Next we had a competition where we saw who could crumple newspaper the fastest. I came in second on this one!

Agneta and I in the finals for crumpling paper!!!!!! You can see the competitiveness in our faces:)

Lisa and Barbro in the semi-finals ish haha

Lisa's cute outfit:)

Three-legged race!

The view.

Racing with an egg between your legs. This one was SOOOOO hard!

Ball toss. Probably the most normal competition of the day haha

Like I said before, there are stairs EVERYWHERE!

In this game we had to run around 5 times really fast and then try to thread a needle. It's harder when you're dizzy and flustered. 

The last game took place by this wishing well. We had to eat a dry cookie and try to whistle. I can hardly whistle without a cookie in my mouth!

For the celebration everyone dances around the midsummer pole (below) and the girls wear flower crowns and white dresses. It was raining so I had on a rain coat too.

I love this picture.

They are so much alike. Looks and personality. I just love this family.

Dresses and rainboots. As you scroll down just imagine this being me pretty much everyday. The stair trilogy...


You can make it Susie!!!!!

At least I'm not as slow as this little snail. Silver lining my friends. Silver lining.

Oh also don't wear rain boots without socks. Luckily Agneta lent me her socks and Barbro bandaged me. Like I said, I love this family. 

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