Saturday, June 29, 2013

Confessions of a Crazy Cat Lady

The truth is, I love cats. And I'm not sorry if that keeps me single for quite some time. I just adore cats. Yesterday while in the Mall I made arguable the best purchase in my young life. Everyone, say hello to my "MEOW OR NEVER" shirt. It's a beauty.

Can you just, I mean, look at it!!!!! It looks like the cat is screaming "MEOW OR NEVER!!!!!" It's so dorky. And so perfect for me. Here is the evidence of me loving cats. A lot. 



And my best friend. Linne. AKA Linerd Skinnerd. Linnekins. Linnylin. The devil. LINAY. Linny linny lin. And more. She is sassy and mean, but I adore her. As soon as I live somewhere that allows cats she is moving back in with me. Going away from her for college will be torture. 

There are very few others who understand my craziness. But some do. 

Carrie puts up with the madness (notice Linne creeping with glowing eyes.)

Preston tries to understand (this is our prom picture).

Diana loves cats like I do. And we've agreed someday when we're old, we'll move in together and have MILLIONS of cats... okay that's an exaggeration but we will be crazy cat ladies together.  And there is someone just as crazy as me... crazy enough to buy the same shirt. 

Thank you Lisa for understanding me. 

Oh we also went to town today and went shopping because you know, it's candy day. But it was pouring rain. So here is a picture of me looking bald.

I hope you have a great day filled with cats, because I love them:) 


  1. We had a crazy day. Linne was in the middle of it. She misses you.