Thursday, June 27, 2013


Sorry about not blogging yesterday but I got a migraine and slept away a lot of the day. I'm still feeling a little crummy today but I decided I couldn't let that stop me. We took a ferry over to an island and it was gorgeous. I just kept gasping at how beautiful it was.

Here's a map of the island with all the walking paths you can take. 

The water was so clear. 

This translates to the "needle's eye." You'll see why they call this part of the path that. 

You can tell I've been sick by the lack of makeup, hair done or any sort of regard for my hygiene. 

The stairs were a little bit sketchy sometimes. 

Please ignore me and enjoy the field of wildflowers. Seriously breathtaking. 

You know, holes in the ground are cool and such.

I hope you aren't sick of the pictures yet because I took about a zillion pictures of the flowers next. I couldn't resist when they were so pretty against the rock and ocean. Oh yeah, across that is Denmark. No big deal.

Hidden Path up to the old prison.

The wind blowing me away.

The old prison. 

Maybe not the best shoes for this.

Yeah that is not edited at all. 

Is this place even real?

Every once in awhile I'll just be sitting and thinking and then I think "wait, what the heck, I'm in Sweden.... Is this real? Am I honestly half way around the world from where I grew up? How is that possible?" It's a really weird feeling. And I think it'll be even more odd coming back. 

I saw those purple flowers and thought of you Mama Llama:) 

"Fisherman's street."

I thought this was funny. It says "Mon-Thurs: 12- Late, Fri-Sat:  12-3, and Sunday 12- we'll see...:)" hahah

I FINALLY got a picture with Lisa's other cat. Dumle. He's very timid and just until recently he has been rather weary of me. As you can see he's still camera shy. But I think he's adorable and I'm so happy he's warming up to me.

Yes I know I'm a crazy cat lady.


  1. looks like a small piece of me made it to Sweden with you:) I love seeing you wear the clothes I gave you!

    1. I love that shirt and it was perfect for the weather there:)