Friday, June 28, 2013

Swedish No-Bakes and my Swedish Boyfriend

Today Lisa and I made the Swedish version of no-bakes. They call them chokladbollar. Chocolate balls. But we're waiting until after dinner to eat them so we'll see how they taste:) We also went to the mall today. But my findings there will be in another post entirely its own.

Everyone is so healthy. 

Lisa is adorable.

Pearl sugar and shredded coconut to dip them in.

YAY! We did it.... Oh and here is my Swedish boyfriend.

Sometimes when he wants my attention he won't let go of me.

We're in love. 


  1. Susie - Have loved every minute of reading your blog. Great photos and antics you are sharing! Wanted you to know we have PEARL sugar here (thank you Ikea!) so please bring back that recipe for "chokladbollar". Have safe travels, Cheryl

    1. Thanks so much! I originally did the blog just so I wouldn't forget things but i'm glad people are enjoying reading it:)