Friday, June 14, 2013

Jag är hungrig

For those who don't speak Swedish that means "I am hungry." That was one of the phrases I learned today:) I love it here.

Today we went on an almost 5 km run which is like 3 miles. I almost died haha just kidding. But I was slow and had to walk for part of it because I'm still suffering from jet lag. Later we took the tram. It was COOL!

Lisa and I imitated this sign. I really liked it haha. It means only walking and no bikes haha random.

This was the short walk to the horse stables. So pretty.

This is Lisa's old riding school. 

THIS IS SO AMAZING! It's like sweet porridge and jam. So good. I need to bring some back to the U.S.

Something that's everywhere in Sweden: spiral staircases. This is Lisa and Agnes (her friend) posing for me.

And Lisa's adorable and friendly cat Caspian. 

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