Sunday, June 23, 2013

Picnic in Slottsskogen Park

Today Lisa and I took a walk in the park and had a little picnic. It was rainy and overcast so it wasn't too crowded which was really nice. It's the biggest park in Gothenburg and it has a free zoo and the best play ground I've ever seen so I really enjoyed it:)

We found a cute little Labyrinth that will be more enjoyable in a few years when it's bigger so you can't see the way through:) 

I like trees as you can see.

We rode this merry-go-round swing but the camera wouldn't focus. Too much coolness for my mediocre camera.

The next photos tell the story of when I rode the huge slide that was soooooo slow. I could have walked down faster.

Terribly excited at first.


Pretending like I went fast.

Just kidding I can't even pretend anymore because my butt is stuck AGAIN.

"That was not as fun as I thought it would be."

Lets move on please.

We enjoyed just walking and chatting.

This is our "we've lived in the same room for too long now." face

Also I'm afraid of Swedish Elk. The end! 

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