Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jet lag is kicking my butt

So I made it to Sweden! But my body is all messed up due to jet lag. I'm trying to stay awake though so that I'll sleep better tonight. Anyway it's been a wonderful adventure so far!

San Francisco: So this was my big long flight. I knew I had a middle seat but quietly hoped and prayed that somehow I would get a window or aisle. They announced that we were at 100% capacity and that's when I thought, "oh well I can tough it." But I got onto the plane and I ended up being seated between a couple that wanted to sit together and they gave me an aisle! Thank you so much to the 7 months pregnant lady and her husband for letting me take a better seat. 

Heathrow, London: This was absolutely crazy. This airport is big and VERY busy. I had to switch terminals and go through security again which stunk but I barely made it to my connecting flight with Scandinavian airlines which was mostly in Swedish.

It was a rainy day in Gothenburg and so I couldn't see anything for a long time but when we burst through the clouds I literally gasped. It is so beautiful here I can hardly believe it's real. They had us get out of the airplane old fashion and ride a bus over to the airport. Customs was literally two quick questions and then I picked up my bag and went out to see Lisa and her Mom (who was jumping up and down and waving the Swedish flag to welcome me.)

They have the coolest architectural designs. They make airports look way good.

Then we went to the store which was darling and so close to their house. Later for dinner Lisa's mom asked us to go get some cream and we just ran down the 101 steps from her house on the hill and bought some cream in the mini walmart.

This is the view from the balcony of their home. You can see most of Gothenburg. 

Then they suggested we take a walk through their park. HOLY COW! Look at how beautiful it is. There are hills and stairs everywhere so I'm going to be in great shape when I get home.

When we got to the top of the hill you could see almost everything. The ocean is to the right and the city is on the left (there's more but my camera doesn't do panorama.) 

I know I'm going to love it here. 


  1. Ahhhhh!!! Love it!! Your gonna have so much fun!! Keep the posts a coming!!(:

    1. Haha oh I will! I'll probably post again later tonight!