Sunday, June 16, 2013

Church in Sweden

Today I got to go to church in Sweden. Lisa came with me and translated, and it was very interesting to both of us how American it seemed. Or maybe it's just that the Mormon church is the same everywhere. They had a lesson on tithing which is when we give 10% of what we earn to the church and the funds are given to things like building church houses, temples and more. If you want more info go here Anyway the lesson, comments and stories were very similar to those I've heard in the U.S. It occurred to me how difficult it must be to be a Mormon in Sweden. They pay very high taxes compared to us and on top of that paying 10% must be difficult. It's also not a very common religion here and there are definitely stereotypes. I have a lot of respect for anyone who practices any religion where it is difficult to do so. It shows integrity and strength to practice whatever you believe in a place where it is not commonly accepted. I think it'd be really interesting to visit some other churches while I'm here!

Thanks Lisa for taking the picture when I was pulling out the other camera haha

We walked home and took a shortcut through their HUGE mall. I couldn't resist taking a picture.

This is the view over the bridge we walked over to get home. Lisa's house is on the hill so it was a fairly long walk but I'm getting used to walking because it is so common here. Oh funny story about that hill too. Lisa's mom took us there the first day and said hundreds of years ago they used to take the old people they couldn't afford to take care of anymore and push them down that hill. She quickly added "we don't do that anymore!!!" haha 

We visited Lisa's sister but it was pretty cold and rainy today. You can tell by the puddle next to me how much it had poured.

But it wasn't TOO bad this time:)

Oh also Caspian and I got to spend some quality napping time together. 

Also I want to wish my Father a very happy Father's Day. I love you Dad! Maybe we can go out to lunch and have a belated Father's Day sometime in July:) 

I'm leaving for Stockholm tomorrow so I probably won't be posting for a couple days. But stay tuned!

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