Monday, December 28, 2015

Let us take our journey

Genesis 33:12

Dear Family and Friends,

What a great week! Seriously. Being a missionary is the best. This week I have learned a lot about finding JOY in the JOURNEY has a lot to do with stretching and aiming to be better. 

I used to hate running. Really. When I started the mission, I began to run because it was what my companions did. But I was never very good at it because I didn't WANT to be doing it. Eventually I got a companion who taught me that if I chose to like it, I would. I began running and trying to improve and get better. I tried to run a little more each day. And this weekend, our mission President invited us to run in a 5k! And I did it and I loved it! 

That still isn't a lot of running but, it is improvement. And the joy in the journey was great.

We have also been working with Luis as you know. This Sunday we went over to make sure he was awake. When we showed up, he was already all dressed up fancy ready to go! The gospel changes lives. And all the little changes, make the journey better. 

These are some of Luis's goals. He's a funny guy.

We also got to go to the TEMPLE this week. The Temple is the house of the Lord and helps us stay focused in the journey. It helps us make it back to our Heavenly home. This week I got to go to the temple with Jose! He was baptized in September! It was so fun to see some of my Galveston family again. After the baptisms, Jose was sitting in a waiting room. I walked in and saw him praying. I waited and when he finished, I took a seat next to him. I asked him how he felt. With tear brimmed eyes he said "I am well." 

Wherever you are in the journey, enjoy it! It is part of God's plan. And He loves us perfectly. The first verse in Come Come ye Saints says: 

Come, come, ye Saints, no toil nor labor fear;
But with joy wend your way.
Though hard to you this journey may appear,
Grace shall be as your day.
'Tis better far for us to strive
Our useless cares from us to drive;
Do this, and joy your hearts will swell--
All is well! All is well!

It is true. I know God lives and so does His son Jesus Christ. They love us! They have a plan! And they walk with us through the journey.

-Hermana Ries

p.s. got transfer calls today and Hermana Gonzalez and I are staying together!!!!!!:) We are so happy!!!!

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